Storm Deezigns

INDEPENDENT graphic designer


Welcome to my website!

After 23 years in hands-on graphic design, and in the management field associated with graphic design, 

I recently decided I had acquired the necessary all-round expertise to launch my own production entity, and Storm Deezigns was born. You might have reservations about an outsider/independent design company grasping the ethos of your company and the various messages you require to be imparted by your publications. This is one of the reasons I want to become a partner in the drive by my clients to reach and exceed their expectations in the disciplines I contribute to. That way I have skin in the game, and the success of my clients becomes personal. I can and will make a difference, perhaps to the extent where my work will give you the edge in the all-important business of the creation of positive perceptions. 


You need to look, read and sound like the winner you are......
and I’m here to help you make that happen. I would dearly appreciate being given the opportunity to present and quote on any aspects of your graphic design requirements.


Drop me a line for an affordable, competitive quote!